The Omission story is approximately 12,000 words long. By some definitions it is considered a novelette, which usually has a word count between 7500-17,500 words.

A teenage son finds out that his father is a homosexual. This news is so devastating and disturbing to Jared Sanford Brown, the main character, that he moves away from his family with the sole intent never to be associated with them again.

Readers first encounter Jared, at twenty, as he tries to tell his wife, Jean, the manner in which he learned that his father was gay. From there, the story unfolds, using both present action and flashback to reveal Jared’s ongoing determination to go on with the new life he has chosen for himself.

Four years after leaving home, the fact that he and his wife are about to have a child forces him to confront the broken family tie he has willfully refused to rebind. His most troubling questions are: Can he accept a man who is gay as his father? Does he even have to?

In 2012, adoption by same-sex parents is becoming more and more prevalent. Most of these parents are adopting infants who will grow up, fully aware that their parents are gay. Yet, despite this knowledge, it is possible that some of these children, like Jared, may still rebel against having gay parents. After all, children–today, yesterday and tomorrow–are ever rebelling against parents for one reason or another. And there is no reason to believe that finding out one’s parents are gay and exactly what that means won’t be added to the list of “things to rebel against.”

The Omission is purely fictional and based on fictional characters created by the author. It is a story that takes a look at dealing with gay parentage from the perspective of a teenager growing into a young adult and making his own choice, concerning who he will call “his family.”

I hope you enjoy reading this story and sharing it with others. Thank you. Kathy

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Note: You can read my notes on the creation of this story at The Omission by Kathy Golden.